How to remove chin fat

how to remove chin fat . chin fat removal

We all have stubborn areas of fat and try as we might sometimes, they seem impossible to get rid of. However, when looking at how to remove chin fat there is a solution that can help. 

Fat-dissolving injections, also known as intralipotherapy, is a minimally invasive treatment, that targets and reduces fat cells in specific areas. Both are highly effective, and safe, if you are looking at how to remove chin fat then these injections might be one to consider. 

How do they work?

Made up of several refined plant-based compounds, including a substance known as Aqualyx, Fat-dissolving injections work by targeting stubborn fat deposits to break them open for natural elimination.  

Aqualyx forms part of the deoxycholate family of acids, which are designed to help to dissolve the membranes within fat cells. From here, the fat cell becomes unstable and is forced to break open. Using the natural immune system and the liver, the human body then eliminates the fatty acids that were contained within that cell, leaving you with a more defined, toned appearance.  

Treatment takes around 40 minutes to complete, and fat-dissolving injections are highly effective for areas all over the body, including: 

• Abdomen

• Chin

• Ankles

• Thighs

• Chest

Now, it is important to remember that whilst fat-dissolving injections are highly effective for removing stubborn fat and overall contouring, they should never be considered as a solution for weight loss. 

Who are fat-dissolving injections on the chin suitable for?

Before booking you in, we will invite you in for a consultation to assess your overall skin health and concerns to ensure the treatment is right for you. We may also ask some questions about your overall health, and any conditions you have that could impact treatment. 

Fat-dissolving injections are considered safe for those maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with small stubborn areas of fat. However, they may not be suitable for those who have larger areas of fat or are considered overweight – body sculpting procedures may be best here. 

Certain medical conditions may impact whether treatment is safe for you, including: 

• On blood-thinning medicine for example Warfarin.

• Diabetes.

• Active skin problem in the area to be treated is present.

• Liver or kidney disease.

Of course, we will discuss this with you during your consultation and help you decide whether fat-dissolving injections are right to help you on your journey. 

For more information on how to remove chin fat, contact our team here at Ness Aesthetics.

How to remove chin fat