Fat Dissolving Injections

They may sound too good to be true, but Fat Reducing Injections, also known as intralipotherapy, are as effective as the name suggests. Here’s a breakdown of how the treatment works, who it is suitable for and the results you can expect from a series of sessions.

What are fat dissolving injections?

Intralipotherapy is a popular and new treatment that’s used to target those pesky pockets of fat that gather on your stomach, thighs, upper arms, buttocks and back. The injection ‘dissolves’ and eliminates fat cells in a safe and effective way, removing stubborn fat that simply won’t budge with any amount of exercise.

How does Fat Reducing Injections work?

The main ingredient is a fat dissolving substance called sodium deoxycholate, which is found naturally in the body. This is injected into the treatment area using a needle or cannula which, over time, destroys the fat cells in this area. These are then removed from the body by its very own lymphatic system.

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If you would like to make a booking or need advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Fat Dissolving Treatment

Is this the treatment for you?

If you suffer from low body confidence as a result of stubborn fat that’s near impossible to remove through exercise or weight loss, then yes, its most definitely for you.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that one thing fat-reducing injections are not is a weight loss treatment. The injections should only be used on people who are a healthy size or carrying a little extra weight and are most effective on small pockets of fat stored on the hips, thighs, knees, ankles, upper arms, stomach and chin.

What results can you expect?

Sodium deoxycholate works its magic at a slow, leisurely pace – so the results won’t be instant. In fact, it usually takes several weeks for changes to become fully visible, which makes it even more exciting when you start to notice the fat shrinking away.

And the best bit? The results are permanent (assuming you don’t gain weight), as once the unwanted fat has been processed through your lymphatic system, it’s gone.

How many sessions will you need?

For the best results, at Ness Aesthetics we recommend a course of at least 3-6 sessions, held six weeks apart.

For more information about recommended dosages please contact us

What about any side effects?

As with any cosmetic treatment, there are a few side effects to be aware of, namely swelling.

Intralipotherapy eliminates fat by causing an inflammatory reaction in the fat cells, which will naturally result in redness, swelling or bruising immediately after your appointment. It’s completely normal for skin to stay swollen for 3-5 days after the injection and may even feel tender as late as eight weeks post-treatment.

To speed up recovery, we’d recommend avoiding hot showers or baths for 24 hours, refraining from using self-tan products, skin creams and exfoliants for at least a week, and taking a break from exercise for 10 days after your treatment.


Steph Ness has over 6 years’ experience in the aesthetic field, and over 15 years’ experience in the NHS specialising surgically, and heads up a team with a complete holistic approach to aesthetics. She is also CQC Registered.

Our values here are simply to enhance what you already have, we do not wish to change your appearance or make you look generic, you are all individual. The Natural enhancement of youth is our philosophy.


Fat Dissolving Pricing

All of the treatment prices below are per session, however, we may recommend a course of sessions to achieve the best results. We offer a discounted price for paying for your group of sessions in advance

Consultation FREE

All consultations are free. We do require a deposit to secure your booking, which can be put toward your treatment costs or refunded back to you


Fat Dissolving Injections

  • £200 per session
    or 3x for £520 (if paid up front)


Faye Moodie

I recently visited Steph ness aesthetics for a facial peel I have to say it was a fantastic experience. Having never had a facial like this before, Stephanie explained everything brilliantly I felt comfortable and confident in her skills. I also had a couple of calcium spots on my cheek, these had always had them and never been able to get rid of them. Steph was able to remove them with a quick painless way to say I am pleased with the outcome of both treatments I’ve had is an understatement and would highly recommend Stephanie.

Mel Tang

As a busy mom of two that rarely has time for herself I thought it was about time I treated myself. I very rarely leave the house without makeup so I was very sceptical that anything was going to change that. After finding Steph on Facebook and seeing lots of lovely treatments and reviews I took the plunge to book a consultation. First impressions – what a beautiful little salon, Steph is so lovely and took the time to explain treatments and give her professional recommendations on what treatment to choose. I’m not quite ready for anything too invasive so chose to go with the Obagi face peel. Steph talked me through the whole process and explained the aftercare and results we would likely achieve. Fast forward 2 weeks and my skin is glowing. I’ve felt confident for the first time in forever walking out of the house without anything but moisturiser and some mascara on. During my follow up appointment today Steph made me feel amazing. I would 100% recommend Steph and if you’re feeling a bit apprehensive, book a consultation. You have nothing to lose. Steph is amazing at what she does. Thank you

Joanna White

I was so nervous about my appointment I was having a micro-needling facial but I need not of been, soon as I met Steph she put me at ease the salon is amazing & relaxing as soon as you walk in and Steph talked to me explaining step by step and she’s so lovely next appointment already booked x

Kelly Evans

I was so nervous about having micro-needling but Steph talked me through everything and I had a topical anaesthetic, I didn’t feel a thing!
She’s so lovely and the clinic is so cosy and relaxing, the music nearly sent me to sleep! The next appointment is booked in and I can’t wait!
Highly recommend!

Karina Dolce Bella

I had my third treatment today with Steph and I love my results yet again, she always explains from start to finish and makes me feel so at ease the clinic is amazing and all staff are friendly. I highly recommend.

Lauren Atkins

Fabulous experience from start to finish. Steph’s professionalism is second to none, Steph took time to fully analyse my face and advise what would be the best treatment plan. The whole process made me feel very safe and secure and I won’t go anywhere else now.

Rachel Lunt

I’ve recently been in to see Steph in her clinic to have a facial peel. My skin has never looked better, Steph was so professional able to explain in detail the process and all the products that she used on my skin and what aftercare should be used. I found Steph really refreshing as she was not trying to sell me anything and was looking and what treatment was best for me. I would recommend her 100% and I’ll definitely be going back for more treatments.

Jodie Price

Steph really put me at ease when I visited for the first time today. Listened to what I wanted and advised what would work best. love my results already (lips and cheeks) even though understandably swollen. Really impressed all 3 ladies were lovely and made me feel very welcome. The salon was beautiful and spotlessly clean, I will 100% be returning.

Thank you Steph. xxxx

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