Fat-dissolving injections on Chin

fat dissolving injections chin chin augmentation

No matter how much you hit the gym, unfortunately, stubborn fat deposits affect most of us at some stage in life, and one of the most common and notorious areas for this is the chin. 

If you are concerned about jowls, or a double chin, then fat dissolving injections on chin might be the answer. Fat-dissolving injections, also known as intralipotherapy, is a minimally invasive treatment that can be used for targeted fat reduction. 

Designed to target and reduce fat cells in a targeted area, fat dissolving injections are both safe and highly effective. They provide long-lasting results for those wanting help in banishing those stubborn wobbly bits and you will see results in as little as two weeks.

How do Fat dissolving injections on Chin work?

Fat-dissolving injections work by targeting fat cells and forcing them to break open for elimination. They are usually made up of several refined plant-based compounds, including a substance known as Aqualyx. 

Aqualyx is made from the deoxycholate family of acids that penetrates and helps to dissolve the membranes within fat cells. From here, the fat cell becomes unstable and is forced to break open. The fatty acids contained within that cell are then eliminated through the body’s immune system and liver.

Whilst fat dissolving injections are very effective for contouring, they are not a weight loss solution. They are however highly effective for use in treating small, exercise-resistant areas including:

• The chin

• Chest

• Thighs

• Abdomen

• Ankles

Who are fat dissolving injections on chin suitable for?

Before looking at performing fat dissolving injections at Ness Aesthetics, we hold a pre-consultation to understand your concerns and determine whether the treatment would be suitable. 

Fat-dissolving injections are considered safe for those maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with small stubborn areas of fat. However, if you are overweight, these injections may not be considered suitable, and you may be best looking into body sculpting procedures.

Please note, that during the first consultation, we will look briefly into your medical background. Certain conditions will impact whether treatment is safe for you. These include:

• Diabetes.

• Liver or kidney disease.

• Active skin problem in the area to be treated is present.

• On blood-thinning medicine e.g warfarin.

For more information on fat dissolving injections, contact our team here at Ness Aesthetics.

Fat-dissolving injections on Chin