Best Hair Growth Treatment

For many of us, our hair is linked to our identity and our overall self-confidence. Unfortunately, hair can also be a tell-tale sign of changes within our body, which may impact its growth. In this blog, we will explore the most effective, best hair growth treatment for thinning hair and hair loss. 

What causes Hair Loss?

Before looking at the best hair growth treatment, it helps to understand some of the factors that can affect the hair. 

Both hair thinning, and hair loss can be incredibly frustrating. It typically occurs when the hair follicles remain dormant, but this can be linked to several contributing factors. One of the most common causes of hair loss is genetics, but it can also be attributed to age. 

As we age, our hormone levels naturally change, which in turn may cause the hair to become weaker, drier, and thinner. This is known as androgenic alopecia, or male/female pattern hair loss. 

These are some of the leading causes of hair thinning and hair loss:

• Family history (heredity)

• Hormonal changes

• Medical conditions

• Medications

• Natural ageing

Excessive hair loss from the scalp can lead to bald patches on the head, which for some can be extremely debilitating and impact self-confidence. Whilst some people may be comfortable letting hair loss run its course, you may want to address it with treatment. 

Of course, before undergoing any form of hair loss treatment, we recommended that you speak to a medical professional to help determine the root cause of your issue and address any underlying medical conditions that could be impacting it. 

Best Hair Growth Treatment 

One of the most effective, and best hair growth treatments on the market today is PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy which uses nutrients found within your blood to stimulate dormant hair follicles to begin producing new hair. 

Naturally, your blood contains several key nutrients, including platelets, plasma, and growth proteins that each play a vital role in supporting body functionality and overall health. 

During a PRP treatment, we extract blood (in a similar way to a blood test) and use a special machine to separate the key components from the blood. These individual nutrients are then injected directly into several areas of the scalp to target your hair follicles.  

Typically, for best results, you will require between 40-50 shots per session and may need to undergo approximately three treatments spaced eight weeks apart.

In terms of results, it is important to remember that naturally, the hair follicles can take several weeks to begin producing new hair so it can take around four-six weeks to see growth. 

How long does it take?

PRP treatment typically takes around 40 minutes to complete and is a relatively non-invasive treatment. There is no real downtime required, but you may notice slight redness of the scalp, bruising, and tenderness for a couple of days following treatment. 

Before undergoing PRP hair loss treatment, we will invite you in for a consultation to help determine whether PRP is the best hair growth treatment for you to address your needs. PRP is generally safe for everybody at any age, however, some medical conditions may affect suitability including cardiovascular disease and cancer. 

For more information on PRP, contact our team at Ness Aesthetics.

Best Hair Growth Treatment